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eLementalEnterprise's key strengths lie not only in delivering a rich, effective learning experience for the users, but also in providing the administrators with a flexible, interoperable software platform. Implementing an e-Training program using the eLemental Learning Appliance (eLA) will most effectively leverage the enterprise features of the platform including:

  • Interoperability:
    • Based on an open architecture, the eLemental platform can communicate with a number of other enterprise applications such as PeopleSoft, ORACLE or Lotus Notes.
  • Scalability:
    • Each eLA can be configured to serve up to 350 simultaneous Live Broadcast participants and warehouse up to 40 Gigs of rich course material. Multiple eLAs can be configured to perform load-balancing.
  • Compliance:
    • eLementalEnterprise's RecordBook, GradeBook and online evaluations can be leveraged to satisfy ISO-9000 Quality guidelines for employee training.
eLementalEnterprise is the clear choice for organization wide e-Training and distance-education implementation.