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Your organization is interested in implementing a skill-based employee reward program. In addition to boosting employee involvement, a skill-based reward structure will nurture a more qualified and flexible workforce. Training courses can educate employees on topics ranging from project management to job-specialization to interpersonal communication.

You are tasked with developing a program to deliver and manage job-skill training throughout your organization.

eLementalEnteprise is a fully featured platform designed to manage multi-faceted training programs. Blended learning tool-kits for Students, and facilitation tools for Instructors are complemented with powerful Administrative features.

Your organization can either purchase an eLemental Learning Appliance or license an eLemental Hosted Portal to quickly deploy and manage a training program. More powerful than a Hosted Course license, for a nominal setup charge a Hosted Portal provides:

  • Exclusive access to a branded Learning Management Portal
  • Administrative tools to manage user registrations and course enrollments and more...