Student    Instructor
The eLementalEnterprise platform equips the Instructor of each course with a powerful set of facilitative tools that are designed to deliver a richer, more effective learning experience for the student.

  • Course Administration toolkit:
    • Instructors can administrate all aspects of a course taking from adding and deleting course related documents, to moderating class discussion forums to communicating directly with individual students.
  • Course Gradebook Administration:
    • On-line and offline evaluation scores are plotted visually on a distribution histogram. Instructors can judge the overall difficulty of course evaluations or zero in on an individual student's performance.
  • Live Broadcasts:
    • The eLementalEnterprise platform can host live broadcast sessions between an instructor and a set of students. The Instructor can share software applications, slideshow presentations or deliver lectures simultaneously through a web-browser.

eLementalEnterprise allows the Instructor to deliver a well-rounded set of course material while communicating directly with an individual student or the class as a whole.