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eLementalEnterprise is a blended learning management system that combines the flexibility of on-demand, asynchronous learning tools with the power of live, instructor led broadcast sessions. Complemented with a full range of administrative and facilitative tools, the eLementalEnterprise platform extends a three-fold advantage to your organization:

  • Students             achieve a more effective and retentive learning experience from each course
  • Instructors         are able to deliver richer course material and evaluate student progress more accurately
  • Administrators   can more thoroughly track training and education fulfillment throughout their organization

The following three sections will detail the key features of the eLementalEnterprise platform and how they apply to each group of users.

You will find that Implementing an enterprise wide e-Training or distance education program using the eLemental Learning Appliance (eLA) will allow your organization to leverage all the benefits of the eLementalEnterprise platform with only a minimum of overhead.