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Deployability and a lower Total Cost of Ownership being of foremost concern, eLementalEnterprise can be easily licensed in one of three ways.

  • Hosted Courses             The least expensive of the three, Hosted licensing allows your organization to lease access to the eLementalEnterprise platform on a per course, per month basis.
    Similar in nature to web-hosting, Hosted Course gives you access to most of the tool-kits and features of the eLementalEnterprise platform without the overhead of more long-term licensing. You can view examples of Hosted Courses in our Coursebook Section.

  • Hosted Portal         In contrast to Hosted Courses, a Hosted Portal license will give your company exclusive access to a branded Learning Management Portal of the form xyz.eLementalEnterprise.com.
    In addition to the Instructor and Student toolkits you will also have access to Administrative tools that will allow you to manage user registrations, course enrollments and portal usage.
    Also priced on a per course, per month scale, the Hosted Portal license includes a nominal setup charge and requires a 3-month minimum commitment.

  • eLemental Learning Appliance   The eLA is designed to give your company the full power of the eLementalEnterprise platform in an easy to install and maintain, packaged solution. The eLA is a fully-configured server-appliance solution that can be easily deployed on a corporate network to deliver e-Training throughout the entire organization.
    To learn more about the features and benefits of the eLA, please Click Here.
*To learn more about which of these licensing options would best suit your organization's needs for eTraining and Distance Education, consider these case studies.