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Banu Learning Systems LLC is interested in establishing strategic partnerships with those technology consulting firms that can complement our domain expertise in e-Training solutions with the technical experience and resources required to provide the end customer with business systems integration and long-term support services.

The eLementalEnterprise Learning Management System is designed to be integrated with other business systems within an organization such as Human Resources Management, ERP or other enterprise applications. Reseller partners with skills in packages such as ORACLE, DB2, Lotus, SQL, PeopleSoft and similar technologies can leverage Banu Learning Systems LLC to customize and integrate the eLementalEnterprise platform per client specifications.

We envision a client who is looking to implement an enterprise-wide training management solution will tap your organization for skills in systems integration, where you can in turn leverage Banu Learning Systems LLC to provide the tools and domain expertise for program deployment.

A strategic partnership with Banu Learning Systems LLC will offer your company an opportunity to develop new business opportunities, and leverage many of your existing client relationships into generating new dollars in the e-Training market.

We hope that you will consider our partnership proposal and share our confidence that a relationship between Banu Learning Systems LLC and your organization will prove to be both lucrative and successful.