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Students attending a course on the eLementalEnterprise platform will have a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of effective content delivery at the flexibility of their own individual schedule. Training short-programs or distance education courses

  • Self-Paced Course Material:
    • o eLementalEnterprise organizes rich content in a easy to use Modular setup. Each course is structured according to a prescribed syllabus that each student can tailor to his/her individual preference.
  • Blended Learning Tools:
    • On-demand features such as the Courseware Modules, the moderated discussion forums and online evaluations allow a student to thoroughly understand course-material through direct interaction with both the instructor and other registered students.
    • Live lecture and demonstration sessions with the instructor allow a student to absorb concepts and information in a virtual classroom environment. The result is an effective, self-paced course experience with all the benefits of traditional, classroom based programs.